How Do I Know If I Need New Brakes?

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How Do I Know If I Need New Brakes?

The brake function is a critical safety feature in your vehicle, and it is important to make sure that it is always in good working order.

You can ensure your safety by frequently inspecting your brakes and replacing them as needed. You should also be aware of the most common signs that it is time for new brakes, as well as how long brakes last on a new car.

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5 Warning Signs You Need New Brakes

Your brakes are what allow you to slow down and stop your car. Brakes wear down over time, and the rate at which they wear down depends on things like road conditions, driver habits, and the type and quality of brake pads and rotors that your car has.

It can be tough to know when you need new brakes, but there are usually some subtle changes in your car’s behavior when you’re slowing down or stopping that can clue you in.

1. You listen a grinding sound

If you notice a grinding noise coming from your brakes, it is time to replace the brake pads. Driving with worn brake pads can damage rotors and cause other costly repairs.

2. Your brake pedal vibrates

Whilst you step on the brakes and it feels just like the brake pedal is shaking beneath your foot, or feels unsteady as you press down, there’s an amazing chance your brake pads have worn down or the brake rotors have a trouble and are in need of interest. Have your vehicle inspected right away.

3. The brake light turns on

In many automobiles, a sensor at the brake pad monitors the extent of wear and tear and as soon as it reaches a certain factor, the sensor triggers the mild on the dashboard to come on. in case your brake mild is illuminated, get your automobile to a expert to have the brakes inspected as quickly as possible.

4.You hear squeaks or squealing

It’s everyday for some squeaking once in a while, especially in moist weather conditions or while a chunk of brake dust receives among the pad and rotor. however, listening to a squeak or squeal every time you brake, may want to imply it’s time to update the brake pads.

5. Your car pulls to one side

A car that pulls to one side when braking ought to indicate that the brake pads are worn or there may be a caliper hassle. If these problems maintain, the rotors can turn out to be warped. Pulling can also be caused from stress at the braking machine such as towing, mountainous terrain, or competitive braking.

Should I Replace My Brake Pads and Rotors?

It is generally advisable to replace your brake pads when you replace your brake rotors. This is because brake pads and rotors wear down together, and the pads regularly come into contact with the rotors at the same spot. Therefore, when you replace the rotors, you will have a clean surface to work with, while your existing brake pads still have their grooves from contact with the old rotors.

If you were to replace your old brake pads with new rotors, the brake pads would only come in contact with the rotor on its high points. This is because the grooved areas are unable to reach the rotors. When the pads are unable to come in contact with the rotors, it impedes the stopping power. In an emergency, you may not be able to stop in adequate time.

At one stop carz, we believe the best way to avoid costly and unnecessary brake repairs is to have your brakes inspected at every scheduled oil change. So, if you have any concerns about your brakes, please consult with our team of knowledgeable technicians and service advisors for brake recommendations. We want to get you back on the road quickly and safely.

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