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What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a clear protective coating that is applied to the surface of a car.

Ceramic coating is not just for show either, it’s actually protecting the paint underneath. The ceramic will help prevent your car’s paint from fading, cracking, or peeling over time.

What are the Benefits of Ceramic Coating?

It protects your car from the elements and keeps it clean for longer. It also reduces the effects of chemical fallout onto the car and makes sure that you don’t have to wash it as often which saves water.

✅ Coated – Scratch Resistant
✅ Removes Swirl marks
✅ Weather Resistance
✅ Gives Mirror Finish
✅ UV Protection
✅ Anti Aging
✅ Water & Dust Repellent
✅ Easy to Clean & Maintain
✅ Enhances the Paint

How much does it cost to get my car coated with ceramic?

The cost of ceramic coating on a car can be anywhere from Rs. 17500-Rs.30500 depending on the type of car, whether it’s Hatchback, Sedan, Suv, and which body shop you go to.

If you want your car to look like new again, it’s important not just to invest in a coat of clear or protective coating but also in an auto detailer who will make sure that everything is properly cleaned and buffed before applying that new coat.

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