What Is OEM, OES And Why You Should Buy Original Parts.

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What Is OEM, OES And Why You Should Buy Original Parts.

What are OEM car spare parts?

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), sometimes called original equipment parts, are parts manufactured by the brand of a vehicle.

The parts are made by the same company that made the car and ensure that your car has fitment and performance identical to when it was new.

OEM parts will always be more expensive than generic replacement parts, but if you want to maintain the original quality of your vehicle or simply value name brand products, they are worth considering.

What are OEM car spare parts?

Original equipment supplier (OES) parts are replacement car parts that come from the same manufacturer that made the original part for your vehicle.

They are designed to fit and function just like a car’s original equipment but cost less because they’re not sold under a brand name.

OES parts can save you money over other types of replacement auto parts, such as aftermarket or re-manufactured components.

How Onestopcarz Sources Genuine Spar-Parts?

Our Inventory management system allows for only 100% genuine and authentic OEM and OES spare parts ensuring what goes into your car is nothing but the best. 

We source OEM/OES and Aftermarket spare parts directly from reputed vendors and suppliers.

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